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686 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11215
United States


Paper Dream Brooklyn is a children's clothing brand locally made. It is all about what dreams are made of: colors, memories and art!

Paper Dream Brooklyn is a small business run by a passionate designer and artist. Mom of two crazy funny boys, she dreams of creating a fun and hopeful art world for children.

Paper Dream Brooklyn wants to make every kids feel special. Each item is a wearable work of art : a work of art as a message of peace and fairness for all.

Her hand-illustrated prints tells a story that each child can invent and create on his own :  Every piece of clothing is hand-printed with carefully selected colors on natural fabrics, designed in comfortable shapes.

Our Team


Emmanuelle Brossard, happy french mum of two boys, and newly Brooklyn fashion designer, launched Paper Dream Brooklyn in 2016. A former teacher and a textile artist, she taught history of art, textile design and visual arts. Among all the textile techniques she loves, she discovered the versatility and artistic potential of silk-printing and translates now her generous vision in simple, fresh arty prints for kids clothing collections. Also a self-taught stylist, she loves creating volumes and shapes around the human body, developing her own patterns in many variations as possible.

" As an art teacher, I’m passionate about history of art and primitivism. And fascinated by the way artists reset their practices , looking for their inner child : Picasso always said that he never draw like a child when he was an actual child, but it took all his life to learn how to do it.  We all have to learn from our inner child: paper cuts, colors layers, simple shapes inspired by nature. Chance is also what kids use to create, and their mistakes help them discover and experiment more and more. Likewise, I use the chance in my printing process , making them unique, and each item a little work of art."